cleanse your body and your spirit

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The Super Juiced Cleanse: detox, feel better, get ready to slay.

Let us help you put self-care and self love into action. When you cleanse, you naturally enable the body to detox, eliminate cravings, reset your palate, and prepare mind, body and soul to fully embrace whole nutrient rich foods and reconnect to your body.   Our cleanse activates the digestive system by flooding the digestive tract with super nutrients and live enzymes while giving your body a rest from breaking down hard to digest foods.  Cleansing is not only physiologically necessary and beneficial to the human body, but also spiritually and emotionally rewarding.  When you cleanse, you reset your system and allow yourself to detox fully from anything that doesn't serve your highest potential.  While this cleanse may not make evil dictators disappear, it will help you prepare yourself for obstacles ahead.

Our cleanses are 100% CCOF organic-- we source our produce from local Bay Area farms whenever possible.  Check out Hall's Organic Farm who grow our swiss chard and our kale! We also juice seasonally-- you won't find any cucumbers in our juice right now because cucumbers are grown in the summer.  The juice selections will provide you with all the calories and nutrients you need to keep your metabolism going all day, but during winter months we encourage you to drink warming veggie and/or bone broths alongside your juice cleanse.  You will feel clearer after 1 day, and energized, mentally focused, and refreshed after 5 days. 



  • 6 fresh 100% organic custom juices per day

  • welcome email with details on how to get the most out of your cleanse

  • complimentary branded tote bag (while supplies last)

Please make sure to fully read our welcome email for info on pre-cleansing steps that will help you ease into your cleanse 1-2 days before you start for optimal results.

You will pick up your juice for each day of your cleanse in our shop at your specified time of day during our store hours.  For next day pick up, orders must be placed by 10AM the previous day.  Please refrigerate your juices immediately upon arrival, or keep them cold with an ice pack if you are taking them to work. 


THE SUPER JUICED CLEANSE HELPED ME heal after months of chemotherapy
— Judy Larabee
doing the cleanse every few months helps my skin glow and my bloating dissapear
— savia baron
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