Our Vision

From the moment you step into our cute little shop, we want you to experience the euphoria of healing through food.  Using beautiful seasonal organic produce grown by Bay Area farmers, we make being healthy taste like the best thing you’ve ever put in your mouth. 

We empower our people and their families to make better food choices for themselves to inspire them to live the life they dream about everyday.  We believe that eating organic vegetables and fruits everyday is not a luxury or a privilege, it is a human right.  We ALL deserve to treat our bodies with love and respect through conscious food choices.  We believe that food justice = social justice.  Food justice isn't only about food deserts and access, it is also very personal-- how we treat ourselves and our bodies is a reflection of how we view our communities. 

We don't just want our people to survive, we want them to THRIVE. 

We center the experiences of those who have historically not had access to healthy options in their communities.

We hire systems impacted queer youth of color who have not had access to empowering jobs that lead to job security and self-confidence.

We help our customers feel good.

We participate in our community struggles to make our Town better.

We uplift our staff to empower them to make better choices for themselves.

We create high quality beautiful things to drink that taste amazing.

We pay our team above minimum wage because we believe every worker deserves a living wage.

Our shop is a little haven where you can come hang out, get guidance about what to eat to feel better, and put self care and self love into action.