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Our Vision

We empower our people and their families to make better food choices for themselves to inspire them to live the life they dream about everyday.  We believe that eating organic vegetables and fruits everyday is not a luxury or a privilege, it is a human right.  We ALL deserve to treat our bodies with love and respect through conscious food choices.  We believe that food justice = social justice.  Food justice isn't only about food deserts and access, it is also very personal-- how we treat ourselves and our bodies is a reflection of how we view our communities. 

We don't just want our people to survive, we want them to THRIVE. 




Center We center the experiences of those who have historically not had access to healthy options in their communities.

Hire We hire systems impacted queer youth of color who have not had access to empowering jobs that lead to job security and self-confidence

Help We help our customers feel good.

Community We participate in our community struggles to make our Town better.

Uplift We uplift our staff to empower them to make better choices for themselves.

Create We create high quality beautiful things to drink that taste amazing.

Pay We pay our team above minimum wage because we believe every worker deserves a living wage.


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We are two mamas from Oakland who love to make delicious nutritionally dense things that heal our people and help them feel good. 

Super Juiced was born in 2012 when we realized there were no organic juice bars in Oakland where you could get freshly pressed juice made on the spot.  We started popping up at different Bay Area events, from La Pena Cultural Center to Lake Merritt parks.  We've collaborated with Reem's Kitchen and Mamacitas Cafe, and are proud to call these fierce women-owned businesses our community.  

Oakland has a void when it comes to healthy food options.  For those who choose to eat clean, organic, nutritionally dense foods, there are very few places to go.  Super Juiced is dedicated to changing this reality by offering organic freshly juiced fruit and vegetable juices, organic superfood smoothies, healthy breakfast options, nourishing house-made nut milks, light organic produce offerings for the neighborhood, and an intentionally curated apothecary of local herbalists' goods.  

Our customers are the Oakland folks who are conscious about their eating habits and want to be able to grab something nourishing and 100% organic when they are out and about in the Town.  

We are super proud that we've gotten this far, moving from small pop-ups around Berkeley and Oakland, to a bonafide brick and mortar location!  We've come a long way and can't do it without the continued community support that inspires us every day.  

One day, there will be several Super Juiced locations through out our city, especially in the neighborhoods that need us most, like where we live in East Oakland, and other Oakland communities that need alternatives to fast food and liquor stores.  

At Super Juiced, we believe it is our human right to have access to healthy food options.


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